Sunday, October 10, 2010


Well i am really going to try to find some time, hopefully tomorrow to update you all. Kodee is almost 2 1/2 now and she is so stinkin cute!!!! Youd agree with me if you knew her i promise lol. We just found out we are going to have baby #2.....YAY, i am due june 5th which is kodee's birthday, WIERD!!!! WEll thats the fast update i wanted to do..and i promise there is ALOT more to come

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

kodee growing

Ok so i know its been forever....again, since i have updated my blog. We have just been go go go for that last couple months. No time or energy, ha ha. Kodee is gettin so big i just can't believe it. She is 18 months old!!!! Wow time flies. She is potty training still....poopin on the potty but no pee. Wierd i know, but i am grateful its number 2 over number 1. She loves horses, outdoors, and her grandparents. She is in the naughty stage a early terrible 2's or something. Holy cow does this girl have a attitude!!! Oh well i still wouldn't change anything. Here are a few pictures of her growing up. Hope you all enjoy!!!
This is her new hair cute...BANGS!!! I know but she needed them

Isn't she just adorable

Ya, she loves to suck water out of the water bottle

This is a cute hair style i found online. i love it but of course, she always pulls them out

This is her on halloween...cutest ladybug around

This is us a few months ago...don't mind the pic of me

As you can see in her pictures, her hair is naturally nothing but curls!!! i love it but was curious to know how long it had gotten. This is your results...can you believe how long it is!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009


Ok so these are some random pictures...but they show the latest of my life!!!!
This is our horse Moon....he hurt his leg at the races. It shows his tendons and everything

This is my dog Natcho, she is sleeping in Casey's spot while he is in LA

This is my kirate girl

She loves her robe, she's the big dog when she wears it

Mamushka, my russian baby

Isn't this precious

She was sitting on the fence all by herself, what a big girl

She loves her daddy

Mommy and baby elephant, isn't is so cute, i just want to roll it around ha ha.

Hi everyone...i see you

She is a big time the dog kennel


This is her halloween costume

Isn't this the cutest outfit

I straightened her hair. look how freakin long. And this was over a month ago


Well hello long lost friends....sorry i have been in the slacker department for sometime now. Lets see if i can remember things that have happened. Lets start with the horse races. We have had a awesome year so far, and only more to come. We won a 18 thousand dollar race two weeks ago. That same horse is running in LA on October 2ND for 50 thousand. I can not wait we have a really good chance at winning this. The other horses better not screw up or its see ya later alligator. At the Blackfoot races we were standing inside the paddock and a horse jumped the rail, trampled my stroller, which we had just gotten kodee out of, then took off after my mom and trampled her. She got so lucky, all that got hurt was her calf and foot. She is doing a lot better, as for my stroller, its a little cock eyed and won't fold up. It was so scary, but were so grateful nothing worse happened.

We went to the zoo with kodee for the first time. She absolutely loved it, even though she was sick. She is such a amazing little girl. She is almost 16months old.....time flies way to fast. She shakes her booty really really good for her age and her attitude it kills me.
Casey is in California right now with our horse. His name is Meter Me Lane if any of you have TVG to watch him run on October 2ND. He will be gone a week and a half before i get to see him. Then i will be there for 3 days, without Kodee. Casey misses her so much, its sad. But it'll make our family stronger. I am so in love with my family and can't wait for it to grow. Any who i will post some pictures here in a few hours.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Kodee's birthday pics

So for kodee's 1st birthday we went swimming at the logan aquatic center. All of her cousins were invited and it turned out to be a fun fun day. My cousin Logan took her down the big slippery slide, it scared her but it was so fun to watch. She did love the kiddie pool though. If we even tried to take her out she would FREAK!!! So that means when this dang weather clears up, we will be going swimming again. Here are some pictures of her fun special day!!!!!

She sure does love her birthday cake
This is the sand box that her daddy made her for her birthday. She LOVES it
Kodee and her oma pearce!!!

She is clapping cause she loves her sand box, she approves dad, good work

This is her going down the slippery slide.

This was her actual birthday...she had her cake everywhere

Dig in baby girl
This is her own personal birthday cake!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

FaMiLy PiCtUrEs

So Kodee is now 1 yrs old. Her birthday was June 5th.....and i ca n't believe she is 1. The day started off with us singing happy birthday to her. She thought it was the coolest thing in the world. Then we went to get our pictures taken. Came home and got ready for her birthday party. This party was just for the grandparents. She had her own personal cake that she destroyed, it was hillarious. I will post pictures of that hopefully tonight. Then saturday morning we went swimming at the logan aquatic center with all of her cousins, and we had a blast. She went down the big water slide with her cousin logan. She didn't like it to much, but swimming in the pool she loved. So that was a busy weekend for her, but it was a blast. I can't wait for her next birthday.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New puppies and kitten

So as you all know i was expecting new puppies. Well that was my mothers day present. After a long morning, she went into labor at 2am and finished at 7 am, we got 3 new beautiful puppies. 2 females and 1 male. They are all doing great and so is Mommy Natcho. She is a very good,protective mom. They are now 2 days old and already growing so fast. I also got a new kitten named Kila. She is darling also. Its pretty busy around her now with the puppies,kitten, and my baby girl...who buy the way turns 1 in 3 weeks. WOW i can't believe it. Well if anyone is interested in a puppy let me know. The male is spoken for...sorry.
This is the day they were born...Just tiny little bugers

From left to right....Male, female, female

Mommy Natcho....she's so cute

You can't tell me there not adorable..wait till the open there eyes and play!!

And finally...this is Ms Kila, awww so stinkin cute!!!

So that sums up my new family and my long weekend!!! Thanks for tuning in everyone!!